The Bad, the Ugly, the Boring.

This afternoon I’m drinking wine – a crisp dry chardonnay – and thinking about books I just didn’t think were that great.

You know the kind.  The Guardian raved about it, it’s a best seller.  Everyone’s reading it.

The Finkler Question springs to mind immediately.  Maybe it was too highbrow for me. Maybe I wasn’t the target audience.  Maybe I’m not terribly attuned to Jewish humour.
Maybe maybe maybe.  The bottom line is I found very few of the characters likable or interesting.  This is what happens when I think I’m clever enough to read anything that made the Man Booker list.

Image result for the finkler question

The second book that springs to mind is actually two books (basically because in my head they’re the same book).
The Girl on the Train and The Luckiest Girl Alive.

Image result for the girl on the train  Image result for the luckiest girl alive

The Girl on the Train was touted as the next Gone Girl.  And it had potential.  It really did.  Except three quarters of the way, it veered off the tracks, becoming predictable and lacklustre.

The Luckiest Girl on the other hand, was well written but my God the main protaganist is just a very unlikable piece of work who never really gets an opportunity to redeem herself in the eyes of the reader.  Ugh.

And rounding out this trifecta is the hefty tome – The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair.  Now you may or may not have heard of this novel, but translated from it’s original French (translated into 32 languages in fact) it won a bunch of prizes, selling 2 million copies in one year.

Image result for the girl on the train the luckiest girl alive the finkler question the truth about the harry quebert affair
Yadda yadda blah blah.  Maybe it reads better in French.  Maybe it loses some of it’s flare in translation.  Arrgh, who knows.  All I know is that at one point I did start to wonder if a highschool English student had written it.
No finesse.  And nothing special.  C’mon Frenchy, wow us!!

That’s it for now.  I’m sure as I drink more wine, more will spring to mind.

Have you read any of these novels?  What did you think?  Am I being too harsh, or am I on the money (I am really, you know it’s true)?

What others would you add?



7 thoughts on “The Bad, the Ugly, the Boring.

    1. I want to like it. I really do. 🙂
      I thought I did initially as well. But I’m one of those people who, the more I think about things the more I decide I don’t like them.
      And then they went and made it into a film – with Emily Blunt (saints preserve us!), and they based it in NY. Aaaargh.


  1. OK. I like your style!! 😜 I was really disappointed in the chick lit book, There’s Something About Cornwall. It’s just the kind of book I love, but there are SO MANY grammatical errors, I lost interest and respect for the main character and author. Ugh.

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  2. Reblogged this on Diane Morrison and commented:
    Often I find that things that everyone says are masterpieces of artsy class and style are boring AF. I have not read these particular books, but I can echo the sentiment! I have started to think that “literary” is just a style, not an assessment of a book’s real quality, and that I’m often not fond of the style. I have indeed liked “literary” writers and works (Margaret Atwood, Ursula K. Le Guin, Jack Vance, Samuel L. Delany, Zemyatin,) but these books also happen to be science fiction adventures. What about you? How do you feel about books that are considered to be “literary?”

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  3. You are adventurous in your reading attempts!
    I guess I’m a bit of a rebel and refuse to read the most popular and touted current releases. The exception being a highly anticipated new release in a series that I enjoy.
    While I didn’t read GotT or Gone Girl, I did watch the movies, just to see what all the fuss was about. They were ok. Glad I didn’t waste my time reading the books though. I’d add to your list; The Alchemist. Snooze fest for me. And The Shadow of the Wind. While it had it’s share of poetic verses, I found it disturbing.


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